Revisiting Juan Fontanive's mechanical, looping flip book art: Vivarium. From the artist’s bio: 

Juan Fontanive makes films without using light. Often recycling the mechanical parts of found clocks and pushbikes as the portable containers of his ‘animations’. His interest lies in the beauty of sequential and repetitive movement… Pages fall in neat layers in the manner of a paper fountain, somewhere between film and sculpture - there is no ‘screen’ as such.

We’ve enjoyed Fontanive’s kinetic sculptures before… remember these?

Also in the archives: videos with more birds, more butterflies, more kinetic sculptures, and more flip books, one of our favorite DIY activities. Make your own!

via Colossal.

This is brilliant.

Secret People…

I’m starting to work on my secret people project. I’m so excited! Thanks to everyone that volunteered to help and answered the questions. If you’re still interested in helping me out let me know and if you’re still trying to answer the questions I sent out - no worries there is still time. (Just a mini reminder in case you forgot.) More to come soon as I figure out exactly what it is I’m doing with it. YAY!